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A revoutionary technology, Windcatcher allows large objects to be inflated in seconds, without using any power or requiring any pumping.

Our technology can be integrated into most inflatable objects. Perfect for camping pads & air mats, pool toys, water tubes, "blow-up" sleds, and much more!


LiquidLoc is an innovative, super low cost resealable pouch, which lets you reseal a pouch just by moving the straw!

Perfect for juice, soup stock, detergents, liquid soap, shampoo, automotive liquids and more!

ZipIt is the only carton sealing tape that allows a person to open a taped box without cutting, and also reseal the box without re-taping.

Ideally suited for e-commerce shippers, ZipIt is also great for product packaging and for sealing moving boxes.

tie Q is the only knotless quick-tie eyelet that lets you attach a line to a fishing hook without tying any knots!

Works great for all types of terminal tackle such as lures, clips, hooks, and more.



For additional information contact: Ryan Frayne - rfrayne@oceanicinnovation.com

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